Phone holder - A natural part of everyday life

Mobile hotels have become an indispensable tool in everyday life for most people. Teenagers in particular have embraced their mobiles so much that they are rarely out of reach for 24 hours a day.

The mobile is practical for many things, but in school it has often become a disruptive element that steals students' attention from teaching and from interaction with each other. Many teachers teach students who have their attention divided between what's going on in the classroom and what's going on on social media, text or the Internet. That's a problem.

Many educational institutions therefore introduce mobile policies, which means that students have to hand over their mobile phones during class. That's a good idea!

A study by The London School of Economics and Political Science found that pupils in schools with mobile bans achieved 6.4% better test results than before the school introduced the ban. For the weakest students, the test results were even a whopping 14.2% better. (Primary school No. 16, 2015)

However, if you as a school or teacher adopt rules for the use of mobile phones, you must have the practical tools to deal with it. The phone should not be in the students' bags, on a table or in a shared box.

Hold On has produced mobile hotels specially designed for educational institutions. As a school, you can offer students a welcoming solution where the phones can stand in one place – stand safely without them tipping over – and recharge.
This makes sense for the students and makes it easy to handle for the teacher. In short, a win-win solution.

The telephone crews are produced in a simple and smart design. We know that a nice look has an impact on our use of everyday tools. This is especially true for young people – if the product does not look "right" then it is not used, that is just the way it is!