About Hold On

Mobile hotel for school, institution or meeting room

Screen-free time is increasingly popular - not least in schools, where full focus and presence are needed to get the most out of learning. Hold On produces high-quality, beautifully designed, practical mobile phones, all developed in collaboration with students and teachers in the classroom.

With a mobile case or wall-mounted solution such as a mobile cabinet from Hold On, you can expect the highest quality on the market. Each case and locker is crafted from the finest materials - materials that ensure phones won't break, so students will want to hand their phones in before class starts.

Option to tailor a mobile hotel to your school

My solutions are created in my own workshop, which allows me to tailor solutions to any need. This gives you the opportunity to influence materials, design and size. I choose materials that can withstand hanging in an elementary school with 20-30 young people with hormones flying around in their bodies, and the goal is for the cabinet to still be hanging there 40 years after I sell it to you.

Danish design with environmentally friendly, non-toxic foam

All mobile hotels from Hold On have a foam interior in plastazote foam, which is a particularly durable quality material that weighs virtually nothing. The foam consists of 100% Polyethylene, which is an environmentally friendly material free of phthalates, BPA and other hormone disrupting substances.

Plastazote is environmentally friendly and can be disposed of by simple incineration without any harmful effects on the environment. The foam ensures that phones and tablets are secure, so students can safely hand in their mobile. The lightweight material makes each mobile hotel almost weightless, easy to move around.

The mobile holders are all designed in Denmark by Morten Lind in his own workshop.

Flexible solutions with or without charging

The mobile hotels are available as standard in varying sizes with space for 10 - 33 phones, and if you have other requirements, I will be happy to tailor and design a storage solution to suit the needs of your school. There is also the option of a built-in power socket in the mobile holders.

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